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i am distraught. i woke up today, to find my top, right dermal looking like this. fuck. i need a moment to say my goodbyes to it before it pushes all the way out. unless there’s a way to salvage it ?

  1. missaqotbooty answered: go to a piercing place they may be able to do something it may have just came unscrewed
  2. technochtitlan answered: It doesn’t look rejected, it’s almost like you snagged it on something and it popped out.. go to your piercer they can pop it back in.
  3. dommsicle answered: how long have u had it for?
  4. rastahippie answered: Omg that looks so painful! I’ve never had this happen to mine. I’m so sorry!!!! =( Could always get two removed and get one on each side.
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