watered down and unapproachable, but i’ll brave that exterior for you.

i have to say i never thought to touch you, i could be this grounded. i must confess, to be this grounded, things are still up in the sky. i just hope it doesn’t come down on me like inferiority and recklessness,  because i know how this feels much too much.

the morning light through this cellophane glass looks watery, the atmosphere is loud and flamboyant, but i’m so easily detached from it all. i can’t say how you surprise me, i’m not sure about a lot of things about you. you see i want to know what everything you say means,  i’d like to know what’s still up in the sky. i don’t need a promise i just want a chance.

biting my lip seems increasingly redundant when i have to go on and wonder, are you watching me in the reflection of your screen ? you’re in-and-out of whatever realm i think i’m setting and i’m not sure if i wish things like this shouldn’t make me giddy or brittle. i don’t think i could be let down,  i’m already so close to the ground, you see.

but confidence still rests here, rests against your starchy jacket,  when biting my lip just turns into some kind of smile that makes me want to get well quickly now. i don’t know what slow or fast paced means anymore  when everything feels like it’s been held in suspension for a while;  i’d like to say i love your ——- and  i’d love to explain how much i want to know what your ——- mean, and i kind of wish you’d say you —— —, too.

watered down light doesn’t make you look any less unapproachable but you see, why would i be resting here if i couldn’t brave that ? nerves are sketchy and i have to say, nothing about this is uncomfortable or scary. it’s just a bit enthralling and maybe i could have this, and maybe this is what i want or need, whatever those words mean. something good, something optimistic, i think, judging by how i’ve heard them used.

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